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Publications in Neuroscience

Fast rule switching and slow rule updating in a perceptual categorization task (2022)
Bouchacourt*, Tafazoli*, Mattar, Buschman†, Daw†
eLife [link to article] [GitHub]

Temporal Chunking as a Mechanism for Unsupervised Learning of Task-sets (2020)
Bouchacourt, Palminteri, Koechlin, Ostojic
eLife [link to article] [GitHub] [NeuroVault collection]

A Flexible Model of Working Memory (2019)
Bouchacourt, Buschman
Neuron [link to article] [GitHub]
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Online available conference talks
MathPsych/ICCM 2021

Online available conference papers
CCN 2018
CCN 2017

Earlier work in Physics

Internship in astrophysics at Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (Hawaii, USA) SPIE paper of the project doi:10.1117/12.856219I
Internship in cosmology at McGill University (Montreal, Canada): Detecting cosmic strings in CMB polarization.